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A new musical about whales, mambo, and being horny.

A collaboration with playwright Kelsey Stevenson. On hold for the moment/pandemic.
Directed and choreographed by Maya Quetzali Gonzalez. 
Rehearsal footage of an excerpt from opening dream ballet featuring Marianna Hoitt-Lange, Grace Santos, William Lorenz, and Zein Karam. 
Other collaborators include Alyssa Virji, Brock Looser, Camelia Muñiz, Emre Ezer, Kayla Zanakis, Nola Latty, Nanouli Shevardnadze, Megan Jeter, Delaney Teehan, Yash Goyal, Jason Goodwin, Jason Wang, Jordan Bernstein, Laura Herskov, Nick Cooper, & Jack Siebert.

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