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"A play all said was impossible. All said give up. Today a brilliant undergrad Maya Gonzalez made it possible and joyous!"
- Obie Award-winning playwright Caridad Svich

Written by Caridad Svich.
Directed and choreographed by Maya Quetzali Gonzalez.
For NYU's Playwrights Horizons Theatre School, April 2019. 
Performed by Sophia Aranda, Michelle Deme, Hunter Dunn, Emre Ezer, Sejahari Saulter-Vilegas, and Tessa Southwell-Chan.
Set and props by Ellery Pierce, lights by Rachel Perez, costumes by Livvie Goble, costume assistance by Hally Smith, assistant direction by Marissa Joyce Stamps, venue supervision by Maritza Cayo, assistant venue supervision by Yash Goyal, crewed by Megan Jeter and Dylan Pereira.

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