I am an organizer with the Sunrise Movement, where I facilitate phone banks and do a variety of other things. I most recently worked on Ed Markey's Senate re-election campaign, helping take him from 17 points down in the polls to a 10 point win. I'm currently a lead for Julie Oliver and Mike Siegel's campaigns, and recently spoke to 700+ people at the 2020 general election campaign launchPhonebank with me


Exeunt Magazine quoted me in their article about the movement for theaters to open their lobbies to protesters: "Gonzalez at first shared the letter mostly with former interns, but it spread quickly. Over 300 members of the tight-knit Public community, from artists, to interns, to front of house staff, signed within just a day. 'I spent my whole afternoon and evening just approving signatures,' she recalls. By Wednesday, June 3rd, the Public announced that it was opening its lobby, tweeting: 'NYC, we hear you.'"


I'm currently training to be a volunteer for Jane's Due Process, an organization that helps young people in Texas navigate parental consent laws on abortion and birth control. Donate to them! I also suggest donating to the Texas Equal Access Fund and encourage everyone to volunteer at/donate to their local reproductive health organization. I recently raised over $1,000 for these two orgs. 


I am learning a lot about prison and policing abolition at the moment, mainly from Mariame Kaba and Angela Davis. I am also reading A People's History of the Supreme Court by Peter Irons and De Colores Means All of Us by Elizabeth Martínez. Democracy Now! is my main and beloved news source. 

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