White supremacy has pushed the theory of independence in the United States from the start of colonization. Drawing from Black and Brown feminist theory and my upbringing, I want to take this space to acknowledge that whatever I have accomplished in life, it has been with the help of countless people. Here is an incomplete list of people I consider instrumental in my (continued) development:

My parents, who radicalized me by homeschooling me until middle school.

My ancestors, especially my grandmothers Manuela and Eloisa. 

My professors at NYU, especially nicHi douglas, SAJ, Juan R. Recondo, Mia Rovegno, David Mendizábal, and Andrew Scoville.

My teachers from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, especially Kate Walker and Anna Gay.

My mentor, Sam Pinkleton.

The many other theatre people whose presence and guidance help me, including Tatiana Pandiani, Tyrone Mitchell HendersonMei Ann TeoCaridad Svich, Natasha Sinha, Miranda Haymon, Jenny Koons, Michelle J. Rodriguez, Zach Jenkins, Shira Milikowsky, Graham Schmidt, Bryan Joseph Lee, Jackie Tralies, Barry Stagg, and Peggy Carey.

Heidi Davis, dramaturg extraordinaire, who gave me feedback on this website.

My coworkers at MAP Fund, who teach me daily how to be a better arts administrator and person: Lauren Slone, Moira Brennan, Kim Savarino, Ron Ragin, Kamyar Atabai, and David Blasher

My comrades at Sunrise: Kidus, Kevin, Jess, Cristian, Bethany, Sunny, Ezra, Sophie, Yashvi, Yara, Indigo, Terra, Melissa, Zahra, Laney, Phoebe, Emma, Tom, Sourish, Annie, Kelsey, Sophia, Nicole, and countless others.

My friends and collaborators, especially Isabel Serrano, Hannah Rebekah Ford, Marissa Joyce Stamps, Nina Attinello, Sally Chen, Ariana Calderón, Beth GolisonGrace Traynor, Gabey Walburn, and Issac Lopez.

People I have never met: Mariame Kaba, Amy Goodman, John Paul Brammer, Erica Meiners, Judith Levine, Sarah Marshall, Gloria Anzaldúa, and many more.